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Brand positioning, corporate identity, brand system guidelines, launch and transition strategy, print/exhibition/digital designs, web design and development.

The brief

Once upon a time, there were two pharmaceutical companies: major players in the field of nuclear medicine. They merged. Then there was one. The new company needed a name and a logo, as well as print and digital design, and a brand marketing strategy to promote it all.

The solution

The design development went smoothly. To help define the vision and values of the new company, we conducted intensive research and consultation. So far so good, but none of the 200 names we came up with stuck. We changed tack and arranged a naming competition to allow everyone in the company to have their say. Eureka!

The results

‘Curium’ won by a landslide. The name celebrates the radiation research of Pierre and Marie Curie, and the nuclear molecule they discovered called, wait for it, Curium. The design combines a bold colour scheme with inclusive and reassuring images. It’s a smart package that allowed the new company to move forward with confidence, happily ever after.



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